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I love this job. I’ve been playing electric and double bass professionally now for over thirty years. In that time I’ve clocked up over four thousand gigs and hundreds of sessions. I’ve gigged and recorded with some of the finest musicians and soloists in the world - and some of the worst!

But for every job I’ve ever done - whether playing electric or double bass, I’ve always strived to attain the best possible feel and sound for whichever band or ensemble I find myself working with. For me, that’s the real essence of playing bass.

As well as a busy gigging schedule and taking on a few private students for instrumental and theory lessons, I regularly write reviews, teaching columns and articles for several publications including Bass Guitar Magazine and Acoustic Magazine as well as notating lessons for Drummer Magazine.

Thanks for visiting my website, please feel free to contact me. Kevin Sanders

Kevin Sanders

Transcribing and Arranging

With years of experience reading sometimes appallingly bad scores and horridly scribbled charts, I’ve had enough! With rehearsal time being expensive and often impossible, the need for clear, accurate parts can’t be over stated. No matter how good the backing band is – whether it’s just a pianist or an entire orchestra, if the parts are badly written or unclear, the end result will always be a compromise at best, and at worst a total car crash!
I’m now able to offer high quality backing parts for every need – from full score to a simple ‘top line and chords’ – and everything in between. These arrangements and charts are tailor-made for each artist, so you get exactly what you, and your backing musicians need for a flawless performance. Prices start from just £20, and remember, you only have to buy them once!
Below are some examples of what’s available, but remember, this is just a few examples, so please contact me for your individual requirements.
You can expect:

  • Clear, accurate parts with, where required, separate sheets for each instrument.
  • Transposed to a key perfect for the vocalist – whatever the written key.
  • Easy to see signs and repeats; where possible placed at the end of staves, and big enough to be easily spotted on a dim stage.
  • Accurate chord voicings for piano or guitar
  • Separate lyric sheet with added information: key, tempo, intro format and interesting information that the singer may wish to relay to an audience. (composer, year written etc)
  • Written intros and endings where required.

If you’d like more information , or a chat to discuss your needs, please contact me.

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